Saturday, 26 March 2011

Homemade Apple's on blog!

Selamat datang kepada kalian-kalian yang sedang membaca tulisan ini satu demi satu. Sebelum H.A a.k.a Homemade Apple meneruskan promosi-promosi yang boleh buat korang terjunbangunan melompat tinggi-tinggi and tak turun-turun lagi, I wanna share the begining of this hobby of mine. ;p

When it comes to business, sure though everything is about money aite? Yes, I thought I wanna get some express money to buy something. But seeing other's tergolek-golek smile when they get this cutie little thing, I became passionate and some kind of euphoria. lol

So, I've been with this business around 1 month. Happy birthday H.A! Ahaha. Err, Don't mind me. =.='

Then, my first name was Apple's Tree. But now I've changed it to Homemade Apple. Reason? I don't have any reason for that. Being gorgeous matured maybe? Uhuk-uhuk. -.- 

That's all I think. eh, wait! Demi untuk tidak mengecewakan wanita-wanita di luar sana, H.A berkongsi business ini dengan seorang pria terhebat abad ini. Yup, tall and good looking. Good luck on trying to woo him because he won't fall for you. Ahaha. Jk guys! :)

Last but not least, Happy guling-guling shopping from us! Love and Peace.

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